Music Anywhere, Fashion Everywhere


Hi hi folkses!!! Yes indeed this is my first official blog post. I have been mulling over what should I post as my first post and then it hit me just now. Why not the two things that I love and that I can safely say that I am good at? YUP! I speaketh about La musica and Le fashion stylin’ (yes I know I need to work on both my Spanish and French… taking early birthday presents of Rosetta Stone =D ). Now you may be totally confused as to why exactly they seem to be colliding in the pic above. Be confused no more my dears! The veil shall be lifted and your eyes shall be open to what peculiar happenings is happening in said photo. I Jendayi, was asked to do a commercial :O … Please don’t let your jaw drop like that, I’m a good looking gal waiting to be snatched up by the next big agent (yeah right)… but really I was asked to be in a commercial and asked to simulate playing the sax… it was for a hardware store, hence the fab looking Jacuzzi which you see me so soulfully perched. It was a really fun experience actually and I learned a lot from it. 

Now let me get to the fashion stylin’. When approached about doing the commercial I asked “what do you guys need me to wear?” to which the response was “modern and funky”.    

————————————————————-                                                                            ———————————————————–


Can you be more vague?

I decided to ask a friend that I knew to be fashion savvy and whatnot advice on what exactly does the term “modern and funky” mean. Said friend proceeded to speak about shopping for new clothes but not actually telling me what was meant by that concept. Me being a student and working part-time, shopping was not in my budget, I decided to figure it out myself with what I had readily available to me. 

The look in the pic is what I cam up with; a basic pink top, a sort of salmon pink leopard print jeans and a grey pair of construction style boots. My hair was actually supposed to be open but it was decided that this provided a more “funky” look. 

This is to show guys and gals, you can pull almost anything out of your closet and achieve a required look. Mix and match, do your research or ask a friend (hopefully that proves to be more successful than my last asking lol). 

So until my next post (yes I will be sure to update more often)! Happy Easter!

Love and watermelons 

Jen 🙂


2 thoughts on “Music Anywhere, Fashion Everywhere

  1. Oh my gosh! That picture!!!! you are just too cool for school. 😛
    A commercial?! telleth me more!

    Oooo, this blog is about to become one of my internet homes, oh yeah.
    carry on darlin’. ♥

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